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MAQA GNSS Line Marker

The original robotic GPS line marker tried and tested.

MAQA GPS line marker

MAQA GNSS Line Marker

maqa gps line marker
  • Allows multiple users to be created.
  • Individual marking profile for each user.
  • Manage site list.
  • Automatic re-order of paint.
  • Lithium battery with docking station.
  • Control panel tablet.
  • Increased productivity by allowing you to see total time marking / metres marked in manual and GPS mode.
  • Mapping of new sites using satellite imagery.
  • 80 PSI diaphragm pump.
  • Download data in csv files for further analysis in excel.
  • Download up-to-date templates.

  • Price £2000.00 T&C's apply


From the BeamRider mechanics the MAQA line marking machine was born.

Pairing technology and practicality to deliver savings in both labour and time, the pioneering MAQA line marking system uses GNSS technology to reduce the time it takes to initial mark by a massive 75%! Athletics tracks and circles have never been easier.

*NOTE GPS line markers are not accurate, MAQA only uses GNSS technology ensuring the best results with every mark.

Mike Lewis of Highground Maintenance has said “I can initial mark a full sized football pitch in 20 minutes, on my own. The results have left us speechless!”.

Chris Cheek of Skippers Grounds Maintenance has said “the potential of the MAQA is immense”.

The MAQA has a free life time guarantee and free software updates, with a variety of templates that make it the ultimate line marking tool. A low entry price of just £2,000 GSNSS line marking is now affordable for everyone..